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Interlude on The Arts and Liberation

We have a journey to take and little time; we have ships to name and crews - Henry Dumas I was reminded of this quote, which I first encountered in the late 1970s, as I was digging into the FreedomNet archives and noting the prominent role of arts as a medium for deep...

From Four Amigos to a Cloud of Witnesses

A friend of mine recently mentioned that he never really had a life plan as such, that the major milestones of his life were essentially accidents. I can somewhat related to that, although my "accidents" haven’t been anywhere near as lucrative. But he does hint at a...

A Personal Prologue and a Few Disclaimers

I have been under contract with the Rainier Beach Action Coalition, RBAC, and it’s predecessor, the Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition, RBCEC, for well over ten years, from when the organization was essentially three to four people with an annual budget...

The Way of Communication as Engagement
for re-connecting, learning, and building together
across sectors, generations, and cultures

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