Case Studies
Learnings, problem-solving approaches, emerging methods, patterns and solutions


I have been increasingly coaching the youth I work with  to NEVER be defined by their current position title; always discover ways to explore your core calling or vocation through the challenges and opportunities of your given responsibilities and expectations.

Across the journey of my own career development, I have discovered ways to recognize and address core issues in the midst of my current position, almost always by creating and imagining with a network of colleagues across work areas to incrementally develop  and implement solutions toward more substantial structural improvements, and often result in the creation of new job titles and enhanced “collections” of responsibilities.

So I am presenting these case studies, although many of which seem now like ancient history, particularly  in terms of contemperaneous technologies, not as a collection of pre-packaged solutions that can simply  be pulled off a shelf and applied  (NO generically proven practices here), but as a mapping or unfolding of learnings, problem-solving approaches, and emerging methods, practices, and methods that may be suitable for adapting to new issues and opportunities.

Corporate Communications

Internal Communications Platform ("CaseyWeek")

Easing the flow of agency-wide information

Field Office Program Reviews

Initiating Process for Exchanging Learnings and Addressing Challenges

Real-time production flow

Preparing captions for Japanese International News Broadcast

Editorial Services Management

Rewriting, copywriting for marketing, annual reports, newsletters

Community Development

Rebuilding Community Story

Recovering community identity and pride

Community Forum Campaign

Facilitating  town meetings to focus local engagement

Selawik Spud Farm PRoject

Providing village liaison services for an innovative arctic agriculture project

civic engagement


Building a community wisdom commons thru citizen journalism

Public Thinking Public Health Curriculum

Applying communication patterns to envision creative solutions

Seattle Community Network (SCN)

Engaging community stakeholders in program design