Field Office Program Reviews
Collectively exchanging learnings and addressing challenges

Casey Family Programs 


Following a period of relatively broad exploration tailored to specific local challenges and opportunities, it is important to consolidate learnings, identify best practices, and standardize essential functions. The Executive Vice President of Child and Family Services requested the development of a program review process for the 23 Field Offices of the program that would draw upon available data as a framework for dialogue and action to ensure consistent improvement across the agency.


Ken was assigned to develop and implement the process, from the gathering of data from various headquarter departments and local offices, to executive team briefings, orientations with field office directors, working with field office staff to review and correct data, and developing reports for transparently reviewing  performance.

What Worked

  • Having developed strong, ongoing relationships of trust through history of administrative support
  • Collaborated with HQ departments, including research and Finance as well as Regional and Division Directors
  • Series of visual presentations to mark milestones in development and review  


“Ken took some general ideas and developed them into a process which worked extremely well. He developed, analyzed and presented a dataset which for the first time allowed offices to see how well they performed relative to each other on key performance measures. At the same time he effectively dealt with the newness of this process, effectively facilitating the Executive and Operational Management teams in preparation and allaying the fear and concerns of the Field Offices.”

Executive Vice President, Child & Family Services