Overall, a good communications pattern serves as a focal point, or perhaps more accurately, a center of gravity for creatively drawing together content, tools, practices and team resources to resolve a significant problem.

More specifically, a good communications pattern:

  • Is discrete, in the sense of having clear boundaries and applicability
  • Is persistent, enduring beyond specific events and products through varying degrees of presence throughout an organizations communications environment; it is more than one speech or a Web site page.
  • Integrates multiple facets of communications by:
    • Informing the scope and substance of content
    • Suggesting the effective use of specific tools and practices (e.g., newsletters, email, speeches, graphic displays)
    • Naturally integrating the efforts of multiple levels and types of staff or team members; a powerful pattern will elicit previously “hidden” or underutilized skills, abilities, and creativity
  • Resolves a significant obstacle or challenge
  • Releases or generates new energy and resourcefulness
  • Builds upon and addresses the gaps in other communications patterns
  • Provides an expanded capacity for meeting new challenges and opportunities