Here is an initial listing of communications patterns I am entering into the Liberating Voices system, based on learnings from community development and corporate (commercial and non-profit) settings.

Links are provided for those already entered. Titles for other patterns are still formative, since those that appear to be community-centered (e.g., “Neighborhood walks”) actually have application in organizational situations and will need to be renamed accordingly.

This is a work in progress and will over time serve as a glossary for patterns referred to in blog entries.

Community festivals: Revitalizing connections with foundational values
Schedule celebrations, and allow for spontaneous observances of major milestones or events, ideally involving all generations and sectors, as greater diversity uncovers deeper values.

Common Meals

Compelling journey
Comprehensive frame of reference
Continual capacity building
Cross-functioning capabilities

Demystification and Reenchantment
: Reframing communications as the gateway to meaningful engagement
Apply technologies of communication based on a sense of wonder and compassion; orchestrate the selection, development and implementation of communications tools and technologies—drawing upon the entire palette of printed, broadcast, face-to-face, and Internet-based modalities—to invite, encourage, and support broad-based engagement.
Distributed leadership
Emerging consensus
Explicit acknowledgment
Honored presence
Intrinsic integrity
Local guides: Jumpstarting insight and mutually supportive connections
Genuinely understanding issues and opportunities and mobilizing local resources requires a guide, someone who is familiar with and respected by the community or organization

Meaningful contribution
Meeting rhythms
Multiple points of access
One-page summary
Personal testimonials
Real-time documentation
Resource mapping
A sacred trust
Scaled presentation of information
Scheduled updates
Shared archive
Spontaneous celebrations
The eyes of the world
Village commons
Visual representations
Worthy challenge