Urban greenery, in parks, gardens, and sheltered pathways, turns the experience of the city inside out. For some city dwellers, everything “outdoors” is for getting from one place to another place in as little time as possible; we mostly are “passing through” on the way to someplace else.
Yet once in a while, we get reminded that some outdoor places are destinations in themselves, for not getting anywhere else, but for being present, just here, just now, with every need met, every possibility worth imagining. And the best of these places are generally rich in greenery, infused with the natural “breath” of wind and leaf.
This photo whispers, “Welcome, this place is for you. Stop a moment to rest, reflect, and take pleasure in the abundance of life that surrounds and upholds you.”
These places, these moments, provided by a caring community, allow adults and youth to literally catch their breath, collect their thoughts, and regain “lost” time by experiencing an extended instance of the fullness of time.

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