Something about the make-shift assembly of this particular sign caught my eye. The neighborhood had been blanketed with the “branded” poster at the top of the photo, but this entire configuration displayed an ad hoc flow of imagination with a passion for capturing the attention of any and all passing by.
The “branded” poster has been stapled on top of a standard, commercial Yard Sale sign that would be readily recognized by frequent yard sale shoppers, with an added HERE! slapped at the bottom as one more shot at grabbing the attention of passing cars with an urgency to stop and shop, and meet some neighbors who care about more than the day’s income from no-longer-necessary belongings.
HERE! shouts out the pride of a neighborhood with more than enough resources and resourcefulness for supporting the schooling of its youth in grassroot democracy and an almost giddy “capitalism” in which nothing is lost, and everything, every experience, discovers new value.


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